Feedback System

The importance of having some way for users to provide feedback on your app is critical. Whether it is a button or a link to open an email doesn’t matter; the important part is that you give your users a quick way to report bugs, and provide suggestions or criticisms.

Social Media Login

Start the user experience out right! Use Facebook Connect or another single sign on technology solution to allow your customers to use their social media logins to sign into the mobile app.

One click contacting

is probably one of the most important features for a mobile app- let’s remember it is a mobile, its original purpose being to make phone calls. SO, that being said, any business should have one click contacting. It’s a simple button within your app that directs the user to call, email and make an appointment to that business with one click.

Ads System

One of the most important functions of the LawyerApp is the ads system, where the lawyers or companies can show they’re ads to targeted users of the app. This function is available on request for all of our clients.


A compelling mobile application must feature an interface that focuses on usability. User experience bonus points are awarded if it is also beautiful and (pleasantly) surprising!

Geo-location and Maps Integration

We basically combine the place data and user behavior to create smart targeting options for users. A smart system was created to combine your needs and find the best solution next to you.

Appointment System

We want to make it as easy as possible for the users to contact the lawyer they need and also for the lawyers to receive new clients. A new option added to make it simple to grow your clients list an focus on offering them high quality services.